​​Fotografía: Camilo Rios.

​Vestidos: Lila Masaryk.

Maquillaje: Pedro Torres.

​Peinado: Pablo Torres.

Realización: Gabriel Villaseñor.

I've always said that for a scandal to really blow up, all it needs is an unexpected turn. This season, Your One and Only Source takes a new direction to show what design truly means in the pinkest lifestyle of all; Starring three of Mexico City’s most notorious It Girls placed in beautiful rooms designed by the very talented Sofia Aspe. The second of these outstanding series involves Jacqueline Saba being photograped by Camilo Rios in what It Girls marks as the Model Home, proving that creativity has no boundaries from walls, to clothes. They say beauty comes in every way, and this story truly wraps It All XOXO.