As spring hits Your and Only Source, this 2018 fashion goes to a major scenario. Starring a series placed in beautiful rooms designed by Sofia Aspe, Mexico City’s most notorious It Girls are being photographed by Camilo Rios in three different series that redefine what the pinkest lifestyle is all about. Beauty comes in every shape and in a story where walls and clothes get involve, It Girls prove why creativity truly has no boundaries. Here's to a new start XOXO.

Toda despedida es difícil, sin embargo todo ciclo tiene su principio y por consiguiente un fin. Para Simona, la línea de zapatos del blog más rosa de todos, tras tres años en el mercado ha llegado su último capítulo. Aquel sueño basado en el estilo del legendario Upper East Side y con modelos inspirados en los personajes de Brooke Astor, Lauren Santo Domingo y Sarah Jessica Parker dice adiós y en palabras de Gabriel Villaseñor; It Girl se avecina a nuevos retos.


In search of a new kingdom, your one and only source is starting to blog straight from the land where the best castles come with a view of the Park. For all that social agenda and golden moments there is just one scene and that is the legendary Upper East Side from Manhattan. Names like Brooke Astor, Olivia Palermo and now Lauren Santo Domingo have ruled for ages in style and grace across Madison and Fifth Avenue granting honor and glamour to their own City. I have always say that it has never been a pink crown around Uptown, but things are shacking in New York with It Girl presenting her signature posts.